Conversation with oh hey, sup 'wow, who's that guy?'
ItalicSemicolon: Yeah, no idea who you are. What'sup? god, not much my mind is overly clouded though go on
ItalicSemicolon: Well, I tried hard to find who you were and why you know me but sadly nothing turned up. that's the case i could just tell you or i could drop hints
ItalicSemicolon: There are google results pertaining to webhosting services. Are you one of Sparky's friends? i know of A sparky but she's my friend's friend, and she's 14 ...and... i've never talked to her. so no i don't know anybody named sparky period how dare you. so, dropping hints is it, then?
ItalicSemicolon: Sure, go nuts ask me how i am
ItalicSemicolon: How are you? waiting for comments on my webcomic
ItalicSemicolon: Oh god you're not the Harkovast guy are you? Look, if Dal showed you that log, I can explain. nah relax he did post it on his webcomic, though. in the comments section i'm finding absolute hilarity out of this yeah
ItalicSemicolon: of what? and you want to know what the best part is, sir?
ItalicSemicolon: What?
ItalicSemicolon: oh god taking that down |= lulz did you put it up there i like the welcome page anyway the hilarity is that he reviews webcomics
ItalicSemicolon: Seriously who showed you that? I thought I only showed it to Dal odd indeed
ItalicSemicolon: holy shit hahahaha, god I feel awful about that yeah that's what i'm here for oh dear god if we want to get into bad webcomic names there's a sprite comic in here called "Sonic Torment"
ItalicSemicolon: One sec, reading the harkovast news on this mk
ItalicSemicolon: haha, seriously though, how did that link get out? I was just showing it to one friend google search? you can try, though no idea anyway yes, i do consider you the 'webcomic review guy' now gj
ItalicSemicolon: hahaha, thanks i looked into the comic and ... just as i suspected it was a tournament not torment i thought that this was especially odd, because the dialogue in the comic has ... decently good grammar and spelling sorry i'm typing slow, playing guitar and drumming does this
ItalicSemicolon: okay wait, I seriously need to email this Harkovast guy and explain this. Hahaha, I must seem like such a racist fuck no worries all ready did that for you
ItalicSemicolon: You did? mhm i'm waiting on a reply if you want, i can explain further. i know you're not a bad guy--it's just..well... ...well file attachments do come in handy sometimes but as you can see, he blames it on karma. i suspect him to be that kind of guy. i've talked to him on several different occasions. he's nice, but ... i have a feeling this will hurt him a bit
ItalicSemicolon: The log? Yeah, that log was brutal D: so yes, do feel terrible you horrible horrible person
ItalicSemicolon: thanks =P i agree it was... how can i explain this if it were me i'd never make another webcomic again :P speaking of webcomics, we should make one. that'd be hilarious. yes i'm going to guilt you some more and this will be the final time a webcomic that only reviews every new page of harkovast :P i'm done
ItalicSemicolon: =P he's an acquaintance, i have to stick up for him how are you what's your name
ItalicSemicolon: I'd really like to keep the name under wraps x=. Little embarressed at the moment that this got out, mainly because it did so without the knowledge of my friend (who coined the name "half-nigger") lul... yeah...
ItalicSemicolon: trying to find Harkovast guy's email...
ItalicSemicolon: blah, hate navigating Drunk Duck. You know the best way to get in contact with him? oh yes. i believe i'm talking to him now he ... didn't say anything other than asking if it were me i told him that it might be hard for you to apologize personally but, if other people add you--just ignore them. drunkduck is a religious site. if they like a comic, they won't be as leniant as me they will noobishly tear your ass to shreds
ItalicSemicolon: hahaha, hard? No, I really want to apologize. If it was just me sharing my views, I wouldn't feel bad. But I accidentally brought my friend into this
ItalicSemicolon: "Private Quack".. is that like a private message I can send him if I make an account? yup themed site :-) i'm going to harrass the other guy when he comes on too just play with him for a while act like harkovast lmfao act like the much more pissed off version don't tell him, please :P he was the more racist one
ItalicSemicolon: Oh, please let me. He's going to be pissed OH REALLY? :O
ItalicSemicolon: hahaha, yeah be my guest just tell me when you're done quackin' him up
ItalicSemicolon: might take a minute! make sure to mention that you don't want that link to be shown anymore
ItalicSemicolon: Already pulled it
ItalicSemicolon: Since I own I can do that pretty easily lol
ItalicSemicolon: Maybe I'll put this one up in its place. :o hi internets
ItalicSemicolon: Yeah, doing that now the world says hello
ItalicSemicolon: Want me to censor your name out? no i like attention